Duplexes To Townhouses: A Simple Guide to Navigating Permits and Certificates

Jumping into the world of property development, especially when it’s about building a duplex or townhouse, can be quite a maze. That’s where ApproveAll comes in – to show you the ropes in getting council approval. Building a duplex or townhouse is a journey that can take up to two years, but by nailing the […]

How To (Properly) Knock Down A Wall

Ever thought about smashing down a wall in your house to open up the space a bit? It’s a great way to change things up without having to add any extra rooms. You might be picturing yourself taking a sledgehammer and just going to town, ending up with a nice, big room, right? Well, hold […]

The Difference Between CDC and DA

In the realm of property development, prior planning and documentation is king. It’s a crucial part of the process, ensuring towns and suburbs are developed to cater effectively to their residents. This is where local councils and town planners step in, giving the green light to each development to make sure they align with zoning, […]

Are You In A Bushfire Zone? (NSW)

In New South Wales (NSW), the threat of bushfires is a critical factor for property developers and homeowners alike. Understanding whether your property or potential development is in a bushfire zone is key for planning, safety, and insurance considerations. Thankfully, finding out is more straightforward than you might think. Discovering if Your Property is in […]

Retaining Walls 101: All You Need to Know

This might not seem like the most exciting topic, but retaining walls are an important part of the construction process – whether it is a new build or addition. Ever wondered why some areas, especially those prone to heavy rainfall or erosion, have walls holding back the soil? Those are retaining walls, and they play […]

Top Sydney Town Planners

Navigating the detailed process of securing development approval in Sydney can cause a few headaches. This is where the skills of a seasoned consultant town planner in Sydney become crucial. At ApproveAll, our forte lies in steering you through the development approval journey, transforming your dream into fruition. As dedicated town planners in Sydney, we […]

The ApproveAll Approach to Town Planning

Navigating the intricate realm of town planning in New South Wales and throughout Australia can be daunting. As the process of achieving council approval or securing a council DA approval becomes increasingly layered, you may find yourself pondering, “Is a town planner essential for my project?” The rise in complexities has made town planning a […]