Feeling a tad cramped in your space? Well, before you start knocking down walls or adding fancy decks, let’s chat about council approval. We get it; it sounds boring, but trust us, you’ll want to get this right.

So, when do you need a thumbs up from the council?

Well, this varies. Every council is its own unique challenge. Generally, if you’re sprucing up the inside and not knocking down walls, you should be ok. But if you’re thinking of anything larger outside, like a deck or even a chic new fence, it might be time to give the council a ring.

Surefire projects that need approval? Big extensions, anything that involves playing with the earth (like excavation), and constructing separate spaces like granny flats. And if you’ve got a fancy heritage-listed place? Even painting might need a nod.

Also, watch out for building near property boundaries or in special zones. Your council might have rules about how tall, big, or close things can be. 

Navigating the Approval Maze:

While each council might have its own quirks, here’s the general flow of things:

1. Reach out to your local council or get ApproveAll on board to manage every step. We’ll give you the rundown on rules, steps, and costs.

2. Get a professional (like a draughtsman or architect) to draw your dream plans, or use out in house team. 

3. Have a Building Certifier check out these plans. They make sure everything’s up to scratch with the Aussie Building Code.

4. Pick someone to be your Principal Certifying Authority (PCA). They’ll be your project’s watchdog, ensuring everything goes as per the plan and giving the final sign-off.

A Few Pro-Tips for a Smooth Ride:

– Do your homework. If your application looks polished, it’s a smoother ride. Take time to find the right town planner and architect. 

– Keep chatting with the council. Keep them in the loop, and if they ask for info, be quick about it.

– Hire the pros. Having an expert on your side can make things so much easier. Here at ApproveAll we have a team built from experience, and we’re ready to guarantee your proposal goes ahead.

– Watch your wallet. There are fees along the way, so factor them into your budget. If you can understand these upfront, you won’t be in for any nasty surprises. Clarity and communication upfront is key. 

– Stick to the plan. Changing approved plans can be a wallet-drainer and a time-suck.

– Start on time. Once you’ve got that approval, there’s a clock ticking. Don’t let it run out, or you’re going to have to start allot of the steps again.

Lastly, hit up your council’s website. They usually have some handy resources.

And that’s it! Ready to revamp your space? Get in touch with us today for a free consultation of your plans and fast track your approval today. We can take care of the entire process and ensure you maximise your outcomes.