Correcting Unauthorised Building Projects

Have you embarked on an extension, only to find that you missed a crucial step in getting council approval? Or perhaps you’ve been nudged by the Sydney council about unauthorised works on your property? Maybe you’ve been served a notice under section 9.34(1)(a) of the Environmental Planning & Assessment Act 1979 or a directive from Division 9.3. Unauthorised or illegal building works, including those needing extension council approval, might be more common than many realise. Approveall stands ready to transition you from uncertainty to compliance within the boundaries of the law.

Understanding Illegal Building Works in NSW

In NSW, whether it’s council approval for building a house or a minor addition, most construction activities demand some form of consent, such as a DA approval or a Complying Development Certificate (CDC). There are ‘low impact’ undertakings that might be exempt under the SEPP State Environmental Planning Policy (Exempt and Complying Development Codes) 2008 – like decks or garden sheds. Yet, many aren’t aware when seemingly minor projects, including those needing city council approval, actually require official green lights. The ramifications of non-compliance span from affecting potential property sales to, in dire cases, a Sydney council building approvals issued demolition order.

How Do Authorities Find Out?

Councils, especially in densely populated regions like Sydney, often identify non-compliant structures through community feedback or through Private Certifying Authorities (PCA) supervising the development. The importance of council approval in Sydney cannot be overstated, with a study by the University of Sydney Policy Lab highlighting significant numbers of complaints about illegal dwellings.

Examples of Unauthorised Building Works

ApproveAll frequently aids clients in scenarios that require building council approval or council approval for existing structures, such as:

– Patios or decks without adherence to standards

– Sheds, garages, or granny flats constructed without council approval for new houses

– Unauthorised renovations, including those needing council approval building

– Boarding houses or hostels operating without necessary permissions

– Pools and spas constructed without the necessary council building approval cost considerations

How Can ApproveAll Assist?

With a vast experience spanning over two decades collaborating with councils across Sydney, ApproveAll is proficient in the intricacies of planning protocols, from understanding the cost of council approval to interfacing with council officers on clients’ behalf.

We specialise in:

– Evaluating unauthorised works and preparing for council approval for existing structures

– Drafting services for council approval building

– Orchestrating required surveys and reports

– Securing Occupation Certificates and Building Information Certificates

Navigating the intricacies of unauthorised building works can be challenging, but with ApproveAll, you’re never alone. Our commitment is to turn complexities into clear, actionable steps for you. With a legacy of excellence and a reputation built on trust, ApproveAll stands as the beacon of clarity in the realm of town planning.

Our seasoned professionals are dedicated to understanding your unique situation and offering tailored solutions that fit your needs. Whether you’re dealing with minor unauthorised renovations or more complex building challenges, ApproveAll’s expertise ensures that you’re on the right path to achieving compliance and peace of mind.

Join us today and book your first complimentary consultation for a journey towards a hassle-free, compliant future for your property. Your solution is just an appointment away.

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